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Hey there!!


I am excited to introduce to you the new and improved thanks to my talented wife Jennifer! It has new features, a direct connection to Living Water (weekly message), more links (Twitter, FB, etc.) and information about my first book Giving Faith a Second Chance as well as my new book – released next month – With You Every Step of the Way! I believe it’s the right book for the right time. There is so much uncertainty and fear in our world and lives today – and this book comes along at this time to remind us that God is always with us as well as to reveal a path built on solid things. It will be a source of hope, inspiration and comfort each time readers turn to it. 


As we approach the official release date of With You Every Step of the Way – September 27 – it’s essential to start reaching out and “planting seeds” about the book. It will be available in paper, as an ebook (for IPad, Kindle, Nook) and audio. It can be pre-ordered through the publisher site at full price, but you may want to wait until it’s on Amazon and other discount sites. So I am asking you for three things:


  • ·        Please share this announcement or your own post/email about the book with others.



  • ·        Please consider hosting a book event (i.e. brief talk and/or book signing) at your home or other location; or connecting me with your church or organization to host an event. If you have any interest in hosting an event, don’t worry about distance right now, we can look into all of that. Any general networking related to the book would be greatly appreciated.



  • ·        Please pray for the message of this book to be clear and for it to reach the people God desires to receive it.



I want you to know that this is not an ego or money thing for me. Any reach or effort I am making is about sharing this message. As my father Carter and I have discussed many times – I am just a messenger, this is not about me.



It promises to be an exciting fall; lots of good things happening at our church, First Reformed of Saddle Brook as well as the release of this book. To God be the Glory!!



I want to thank you so much – many of you have been encouraging and praying for me for years (some, for my whole life!); I am so blessed with family and friend support!! Thank you and God bless you!



For Him, Christopher





Rev. Christopher B. Wolf

Isaiah 42:7


Christopher B. Wolf is the author of Giving Faith a Second Chance: Restarts, Mulligans and Do-Overs (2007) and the forthcoming, With You: Every Step of the Way (September, 2011).


“It is a matter of sharing and bearing the pain and puzzlement of the world so that the crucified love of God in Christ may be brought to bear healingly upon the world at exactly that point.” N.T. Wright

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