To Love Others

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To endeavor to truly love others – because God has loved me. To choose to love others unconditionally, sacrificially – no matter what they say, do – whether you get anything out of it or not. To share joys, tears, heartbreak, victories and defeats – to truly be “with” people. Always with prayer and truth – up close or from a distance. To love – it seems so simple in concept, on paper; but in reality – it takes everything (it’s what Jesus showed at the cross). It’s my job, but I would do this, be like this, whether I was a pastor or not. Sometimes, I look back and laugh at how I thought it would be so simple; and I also rejoice and am thankful for how I have been changed and for what it is and what it means to have God’s love flow through you to others. And I thank all of you – what a privilege, a dream fulfilled.

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