New Jersey’s Second Chance

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A little over a year ago, I wrote, “I am a Christian, a husband and a father, a citizen, a leader, a small church pastor; and I believe in a second chance for New Jersey and America. If God leads and opens the doors, my response is “Here am I; send me.” Well, I still believe, and last night God opened a door – I introduced the framework of a political, spiritual and cultural platform titled, “New Jersey’s Second Chance” at the Bergen County GOP Women’s meeting at which I was the invited inspirational speaker. I invite your prayers, support, and encouragement. I continue to leave all of this in God’s hands. Blessings, Christopher



New Jersey’s Second Chance – A Vision for a Resurgent State and GOP



Introduction – 1976 Memorial Day Parade in Fair Lawn


Losing Our Way – The Wilderness
In our striving for greatness, we’re losing our goodness.
In our maintaining the status quo, we’re dimming the future for us and those to come.
In our warping of personal freedom, we’re losing our humanity and sense of community.
In our drive for wealth and stuff, we’re losing what is valuable and sacred.
In our desire for fame and exposure, we’re left with illusion and little that’s real.
In our worship of politics, government, and the material, we’re losing faith.



“Only embraced endings, permit new beginnings.” Walter Brueggemann



II. The Second Chance – A Vision
Principled – The Power of Belief
Life and Liberty
Citizen and Community Centered
Prosperity Driven
Government – Essential and Innovative
Strengthened families


III. Pursuing The Vision

In Covenant
Bold, Sacrificial Leadership
Honorable and Just
Solution Based


IV. The Questions

Are we willing to acknowledge the truth of where we are?
Are we willing to let go of “just being” and embrace a new way?
Are we willing to lose before we win?



Conclusion – Still worth it?









Rev. Christopher B. Wolf

Numbers 16:48

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