Invite Christopher to be a Game Changing Communicator at Your Next Event

When you’re planning an event, conference, or meeting, you are looking for…a game changer. For more than twenty years in every arena he has served, Christopher has been a catalyst for new thinking, transformation, and breakthroughs. This is what Christopher’s dynamic and engaging communicating offers. The combination of his passionate, authentic delivery with his Biblical and real faith-in-real time insights will provide your next attendees and participants with inspiration and actionable takeaways. Christopher and his communicating have been called “powerful” and “a thought-leader and communicator of the first order,” and “a rare combination of intellect, discernment with a pastor’s heart.”

Topics include: church revitalization, outreach, ministry development, pastoral care, missional emphasis, community outreach, leadership, and recovery.

Messages and teachings include:

  • Spiritual Leadership and Visioning
  • It’s Comeback Time: Renewal for Individuals and/or Organizations
  • Heal This Land: Leading America Back to God
  • Becoming a People/Church/Ministry of Second Chances
  • Reaching Out With a Hand and a Prayer: Developing a Local Mission Blueprint
  • With You Every Step of the Way: Ministering with Compassion
  • From Club to Body of Christ
  • Building Community: Forming Internal and External Partnerships
  • Upside Down and Inside Out: From Church to Kingdom
  • The Making of a Pastor/Spiritual Leader

Christopher is also open to speaking on a topic of your choice. Use the form below to place a request.